Magical Drums E-Book

Learn African rhythms in the convenience of your own home! I wrote this book for my students, to help them make faster progress, understand the fundamentals of rhythm and support their practice. The rhythms in this book are from Ghana, Guinee, Nigeria and Brazil. Here is what's in this book:

About drums: Djembe, Congas, Dunduns - Create your own rhythms - Good posture - Making good sounds - Timing Exercises in 4/4 and 6/8 - Hand-to-hand technique - More than 100 rhythm patterns - Easy to read stick notation - Is talent needed? - My personal drum story
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Magical Drums Video Download

Download the video clips for all the rhythms discussed in this book. It's easier to learn when you can watch my video instructions. I show you how to play Coucou, Djigbo, Djole, FumeFume, Gahu, Kakilambe, Kebendo, Kpanlogo, Samba, Soboninkum, Tiriba, Yancadi and more...
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