Drumming with Pashyo

Drumming is an ancient medicine that has been used by indigenous cultures around the world to transform depression, stress and other difficult emotions into bliss and ecstasy. Drumming in groups allows us to connect with other like-minded people, forget our problems and express our creativity. While we learn African rhythms and master the fundamentals of music, we acquire a skill that we can take home and keep enjoying.

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Pashyo is originally from Vienna. She professionally trained as a dancer, singer and drummer and has been teaching and performing most of her life. By overcoming her own shyness and rhythmical difficulties she has become a skillful and compassionate teacher.


Magical Drums Book and Videos

After teaching African drumming classes for many years I decided to write it all down for my students. Now 20 years later this original manual has grown into an instructional drumming book with accompanying videos to show you how to play those fantastic African rhythms.

- 100 Rhythm patterns for djembes, dunduns and congas
- Video clips for all rhythms
- Learn about African drums, good sounds, good timing!
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