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Magical Drums Class at Motherland Music
Sundays, 2:30 - 4:00 pm
601 W. Eucalyptus Ave., Inglewood, CA
For beginning drummers
(310) 673-8000

African Jazz Dance
Thursday, Nov. 30, 7.45 - 9.15pm
Court Yoga, 10956 Weyburn, Westwood, CA 90024 (CourtYard corner Broxton Ave.)

- African Drum Lessons and Drum Circles
- Music and Dance Classes
- Birthday Parties and Functions
- Wedding Drum Circles
- Teambuilding Drum Circles for Businesses

Individual Drum Lessons
Drumming brings magic into your life. Studying ancient rhythms from Africa and Brazil you enter a new and exciting world. Playing on African Djembe drums or Congas you develop many new skills. You learn to keep a steady beat, listen to other players, improvise and play solo phrases.

"Magical Drum Circles" for Your Event
Drumming in groups is fun! Groups have power, they give you a tribal experience and you are supported by the common beat. You learn to play various percussion instruments, like shakers, rattles, bells, tambourins, shape drums, bucket drums, djembes and djundjuns and learn rhythms from Ghana, Senegal and Guinea and become a confident player.

African Jazz Dance
Fun, energetic dance class with African Dance and Jazz Dance sequences, with deep stretching and improvisation to great contemporary African pop and jazz music.

"Magical Drums" for Preschools and Schools
This class is perfect for young children from the age of 2 up to teenagers and adults. We work with body percussion, bucket drumming, small percussion instruments, drum on African djundjuns and djembe drums. African, Brazilian and American Indian songs and movement to music are part of this class.

"Magical Music" Classes
For children 2 years up

Percussion - Songs - Dance - Ukuleles
In this class we make music. We learn timing and rhythm using body percussion and rhymes. We play drums, shakers and on ukuleles. We sing American folk songs and songs in Spanish, French, German and African languages. And then we get up and move our bodies to the music.

"Magical Dance" for Kids
For chidren 3 years and up

We warm up and become more flexible with yoga stretches. We learn grounding and balance using ballet. We move to a mix of pop, jazz and world music songs, learn to stay on the beat and to coordinate our head, arms and legs. We dance with each other in twos and as a group, have fun with movement games and learn choreographed routine.

"Musical Review" - Sing, Act, Dance Like A Star!
For children 7 years and up
Let's go on Broadway! Learn to sing your favorite musical songs and present them like a star. We start with breath exercises, singing scales, triads, intervals and learn basic music theory for singers. Then we learn to sing one of those Broadway hits from Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady or learn one of the recent Disney movie songs from Beauty and the Beast, Frozen or Moana. Once we got the melody and the lyrics down, we polish our presentation, put in some dance moves and sing like a star!

"SangomaBeat" Drum and Dance Shows
SangomaBeat weaves West African rhythms with ethnic vocal arrangements and harmonic guitar riffs into tribal world grooves. Read more here.

"Teambuilding Workshops" for business
Drumming together, playing shakers and bells we have to listen to each other and cooperate to establish a common beat. Music creates a shared experience of harmony and fun. Working together in this way participants acquire valuable communication skills.


"Pashyo is without a doubt the best drum and dance teacher there is. She is kind and loving, but means business and gets the best out of her students! You will LOVE her classes."
Deb Haugen

"I've been drumming with Pashyo for 10 years. It all started with her Magical Drums course at the South Bay Adult School in Redondo Beach. One of the best things I did and continue to do in my adult life!"
Dr. Ed Connaughton

"Indeed 'Magical Drums'! I think it has been over 20 years that I had last been seen dancing - due to multiple hip replacements. Suddenly I found the drums carrying me, seducing just happened and I started dancing - much to my own surprise! Thank you for making this little miracle happen!"
Annemarie Rawlinson

"It was a great show always." Aram Kharabati

"Pashyo and Sel are great performers who understand how to get the children involved. When Pashyo first started beating on the drums all of the students went silent. I have never seen my students so in awe! The best part was when the children were invited to stand up and dance along to the music. They were able to pick up on the children's enthusiasm and energy, which accelerated the entertainment and rhythm in everyone's hearts."
A.C., Montessori School

"I have been practicing drumming with Pashyo for over a year now and am loving it! Pashyo understands the fears a beginner faces and with patience gracefully leads you to overcome these and become a confident drummer. I drum with her weekly and I look forward to every evening we get together. The classes are fun, experiential and there is a free spirit energy which makes you feel comfortable to express who you are. Thank you for your knowledge, patience and compassion!"
Lucia Cordeiro Drever

About Pashyo

Pashyo Sarkin is originally from Vienna Austria and studied dance at the Vienna Volksoper. Later in Berlin she immersed herself into African drumming and dance.  She is a performer and teacher of African music and dance. Living in Los Angeles she went back to college to study music. She writes her own songs and performs with her world music band "SangomaBeat".






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